What Types and Sizes of Concrete Masonry Units are Available?

Date:Feb 02, 2019

Concrete masonry units (CMU) are some of the most commonly used materials in building construction. Due to their relatively low cost as wall material and their fire resistance, CMU walls are laid on many types of projects. From schools to warehouses, many buildings have CMU walls. It's valuable to understand the types and sizes of CMUs commonly available. Since CMUs are produced by private manufacturing firms, there is really no limit to the various of CMU types and sizes that could be produced. The following link shows commonly available CMU types and sizes from one firm:


You may want to consider printing out these shapes and sizes if you want to better understand what options the Masonry Contractor has for completing their portion of the project. Or, if you have convenient web access, you can just come back to this link as needed.Many specialty CMU products are also available:


Split face

Ground face

Sand blasted

Matte face

Scored and ribbed

Light weight



Specifics about types and sizes of these various CMUs can be found at the following website:

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