What is UL Certification

Date:May 07, 2019

Underwriter Laboratories (UL) is one of the oldest safety certification companies around. They certify products, facilities, processes or systems based on industry-wide standards. By doing so, they issue over twenty different UL Certifications for a wide-range of categories. Certain UL Marks are country specific and will never be used or seen in the United States and vice versa. There is no such thing as general UL approval, instead they break up their certification into being listed, recognized, or classified.

UL Listed Service is given to manufacturers that produce products that meet UL’s standards and gives the manufacturer authorization to test products and apply the UL mark themselves.

UL Recognized Service is applied to products used to produce another product, which indicates that it is safe to use in further production and it is not a mark that is seen on an end product.

UL Classification Service can be placed on products by a manufacturer that makes products that comply with UL’s standards and maintains follow-up with UL to ensure quality and accuracy.


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