What is the service life of fire door extended through?

Date:Oct 23, 2020

1. Procurement of fire doors:

We can choose and buy through drawings. The product if it is some fire. Retrofit, minor replacement without special design. When drawing, the general principle is building. The interior USES wooden fire doors, basements, garages, power distribution rooms, engine rooms or is defined. Except the required part, the exterior of the building, and is some to the fire door exposed. Where steel fire doors are usually used. Want a few more, relative to wooden door its are more sturdy, resist damage, especially in a few environment bad position, and have. Certain anti - theft performance.

If it is used in some environments it can be harsh. Places, such as too much rain, corrosive these places, can be considered for use at this time. Stainless steel fire doors, because this product has very high. Stability and integrity, including decorativeness, are lacking in the first two.

2. Installation Precautions:

The installation of fire door is also a special key part, must not cut corners, only the plan to save things played a little smart, because the main role of fire door is to use fire protection to protect people's lives and property. All, if the installation is not qualified, then when the fire comes, the fire door will become the door of harm. So be sure to install according to strict specifications. After door body installation is fixed, want to undertake filling to wall seam in time and whitewash, want to do grout treatment first to the steel fire door that looks bigger to the outside, the purpose that does so is to make its more firm and durable namely.

3. Daily maintenance:

Us now this cannot relax vigilance, do not think that installed, no matter, daily maintenance and maintenance also cannot little, must have special personnel to management, once found that the problem will be handled in time, remember don't secretly to fire door to be modified, such as locked the door, or tear down door closers, to dismantle or installation is not desirable.


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