What is the difference between fire door locks and ordinary door locks?

Date:Jan 11, 2021

Nowadays, many people choose to have fireproof performance when installing door locks, which further ensures home safety. So, what is the difference between a specific fire door lock and an ordinary door lock?

Fire door lock is a kind of lock with fire performance, mainly used in fire door. Fire door locks can prevent theft, control the flow of people, and prevent unauthorized departure. They are often used in shopping malls, buildings, damp, office buildings and other densely populated places.

Fire door locks do not have a lock core, so that the door can be opened quickly and easily. Common door locks are the kind of door locks with keys, and there are bathroom door locks without keys. In general, fire door locks with ordinary door locks will not pass the acceptance of.

Both sides of the fire door lock can be opened without a key, while the ordinary door lock needs to be opened with a key if the button is pressed, so it cannot be used as a fire door lock.

Fireproof door locks have a certain degree of fire resistance, while ordinary door locks are not resistant to high temperatures, and the lock body will soften when encountering high temperatures, and there is no way to guarantee normal opening.

The fire door lock is sturdy and durable. It does not need to be locked or opened. It can be anti-theft and free to enter and exit. It is very convenient to use and guarantees the safety of the home. Therefore, it is better to install a fire door lock for home safety.

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