What is the action of fire door sealant

Date:Sep 16, 2020

One, fire door sealant is mainly used for steel and wood door and wood door and door frame, door and door between. In case of fire, the fire expansion sealing strip will expand automatically to block the cracks of the door and cut off the air circulation between the two Spaces, effectively prevent the early smoke, toxic gas and hot gas to harm human body, and control the spread of the fire.

Two, the fire door sealing strip is one of the measures used in the building fire isolation, usually used for firewalls, stairwell entrance or pipe well opening, requirements can be separated by smoke, fire. Fire door sealant plays an important role in preventing smoke and fire spread and reducing loss.

Three, fire door sealing strips can be pasted in the groove of fire door seam with adhesive tape (had pasted adhesive), also can be used to fix in the small nail in the groove of fire door. The application of the fire door sealing strip has replaced the asbestos rope used in the gap of fire doors in China before, and has passed the inspection of the national fixed fire extinguishing system and fire-resistant components quality supervision and inspection center, and all the indexes have reached the standard. After heating, the pipe can rapidly expand and close the gap between the doors and Windows, and can even isolate the important role of smoke generated during combustion, to prevent smoke and heat from entering and ensure personal safety.


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