What is FM certification for fire doors

Date:Mar 25, 2019

FM: The largest risk insurer is industrial asset insurance in the United States. Therefore, it pays more attention to industrial products and conducts certification consultation according to FM standards.


FM is one of the most stringent quality control organizations in the United States. In many cases, usually, only fire-fighting products that have obtained FM certification consulting can insure related property insurance or fire insurance, otherwise the insurance company may refuse to insure the insurer.


Supervision and inspection: 4 times of supervision and inspection every year after product certification, one of which FM itself reviews, and the other three can approve UL's audit report.


Note: There is no mutual recognition or substitution between FM and UL, and fire manufacturers usually obtain both certifications at the same time.


The fire protection products for foreign-funded projects and important domestic projects also need FM and UL certification.


FM Approval 3 HR certificate for double steel doors and frames.

FM Approval 1.5 HR certificate for single steel doors and frames.

FM Approval 1 HR certificate for double steel-wooden and frames.

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