what FM approval is

Date:Nov 13, 2020

What makes FM Approvals unique, apart from our long history in Fire Protection and Loss Prevention (we have been around since 1897) , is the fact that we are a business unit of FM Global (WWW. fmglobal. COM) , the World's Largest Commercial Property Insurance and Risk Management Company (FM Global has been around for 170 years, since 1835) .
FM Approvals tests and certifies Loss Prevention Products to be installed in FM Global insured locations worldwide-we therefore have a Vested Interest in ensuring the performance, quality, reliability and durability of the products that we test and certify. This is why FM Approvals tests are of the highest and most rigorous standard in the market.
FM Global is ranked number 549 of Fortune 1000 companies. FM Global Insured Clients are from the top 30% of the Fortune 1000 companies worldwide. These companies could also be your clients.
The most significant benefit of being FM Approved is gaining an exclusive access to the FM Global Insured clients around the world. 1500 + of FM Global Field Engineers worldwide recommends FM Approved Fire Prevention products to 130, 000 + FM Global insured locations, in 110 countries worldwide. Our field Engineers cover about 60, 000 + annual visits to these locations annually.
By having the FM Approvals Diamond Mark on your product, you are having a competitive advantage over the rest, as you will be able to differentiate your product as a high quality and reliable product which has been tested by the highest, most rigorous standard in the market.
FM Approvals can also help you enter the Canadian, European, Asian and other markets. FM Approvals is a Notified Body for CPD (Construction Product Directive, for CE Mark) in Europe and can issue you with a CE Mark for access to the European market.
This means after obtaining FM Approvals for your product, we can also help you obtain certifications to National Standards in other countries by sending your test report to our Partner Labs worldwide. This of course translates to Cost and Time savings for you in Testing and Certifications for the Global market.
Another significant benefit of being tested and certified with FM Approvals is that having your products listed in the FM Approval Guide is a great way to put your company name in front of the over 8000 code officials, designers, architects, Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) , contractors, installers, etc that regularly receive the updated FM Approvals Guide CDs.
It would be our pleasure to assist you to explore the possibility of having your products tested and certified with FM Approvals.

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