What does a fire door belong to

Date:Oct 26, 2020

What does the fire door belong to is the problem that some consumers want to understand, it is the door that must be used to have the function of combustion support, heat insulation and smoke diffusion when the fire partition is set in the building and the fire wall is opened, which can have the purpose of controlling the spread of fire when the fire occurs; In the daily state, the fire door is used as a common door, when danger occurs, it will become the fire on the door of life.

Fire door application range is wide, large buildings without doubt must be used, some small business site of the key fire parts must be set; Between the upper and lower levels of the building district, pipe Wells, power distribution rooms, underground garage and other parts are also seen everywhere; With fire window and fire shutter door together to become a modern building can not be missing the three major fire weapon.

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