What are the features of the steel fire door material

Date:Oct 23, 2020

The steel structure has strong composability

Use steel material because of the fire resistance of steel is very good, its high melting point, not destroyed in the fire, it can resist the spread of fire, and not through the smoke, full of harmful material to prevent the fire smoke harm to human body, and steel fire door also can be used repeatedly, even experienced a fire can still intact does not affect the use effect of the originally steel security door core and secondary plugins patented environmentally friendly flame retardant insulation fire composite board and veneer modelling, can greatly enhance the door pressure resistance of the whole; At the same time the hardness of steel and plasticity in the installation of the door can achieve a certain effect, improve the installation efficiency. Just as the main raw material of steel fire doors, other types of materials can be made to achieve complementary advantages.

High stability of steel structure

Steel material with double face pressure, after fixing the screws in the inner plate, hang the outer plate, and then tighten the screws around, the pressure is offset each other, this way will play the stability and firmness of the steel plate material. At the same time, the structural stability of steel plate is better than traditional wood. Steel surface lines are bidirectional positioned and secured by metal assemblies. The heat resistance of steel and the compressive resistance of auxiliary materials together make the steel fire door durable and strong.

High quality and reliable steel fire door in a lot of civil buildings or commercial buildings have a general use, as a fire material can strengthen the building fire safety performance to reduce the loss of casualties caused by fire. The material of common steel fire door has the characteristic such as strong stability, can assemble and strong sex. With the continuous progress of technology, the material plasticity of steel fire door is also continuously enhanced, which can meet people's demand for the fashionable appearance of steel fire door while improving the fire performance.


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