Welded or knock down steel frames

- Jun 28, 2019-

The fire door is mainly composed of three parts:door frame, door skin and hardware.

Generally speaking, overseas customers buy fire doors, which are basically door frames, and the door skins and hardware are bought together.

The way package of door leaf and hardware are simplely. However, the packaging of the door frame is more complicated, and it is entirely necessary to listen to the opinions of the customers.

This requires a focus on the difference between welded or  knock down steel frames.

If the customer has a professional fire door installation team, they will generally be required to use the split box packaging method to make full use of the container space and reduce transportation costs.

If the customer does not have a team, then we need our factory to completely solder the door frame. In this case, it is very convenient for the customer to directly push the door into the door wall after receiving the goods.However, in this case, although the customer does not have to pay more for the installation fee, the transportation fee and the welding fee are also quite large.What customers need to understand is that in the production cycle, the same batch of fire doors, the overall frame takes about 4 days more than the split frame.

The above are the respective advantages and disadvantages of the split box and the overall box for the customer.