Use of fire doors and precautions

Date:Aug 21, 2020

Use of fire doors and precautions

1. Because it is impossible for people to close the door behind them in the event of a fire, the fire door must be closed automatically and an automatic door closing device must be installed. At present, automatic door closure is divided into hydraulic type and spring type two types, used for fire doors are more one-way open hydraulic door top spring and single pipe type spring hinge.

It is important to note that such automatic door closers should not be installed on the side of the fire face by mistake, so as not to be damaged by high temperature during the fire. At ordinary times to ensure that the automatic door closure is sensitive and effective, once damaged to replace in time.

2, usually in the open state of the fire door, must be equipped with a fixed device, in order to pass. Generally with electromagnetic release switch or fusible alloy door fixed on both sides of the wall, when the fire power loss of magnetic (or electrified magnetic and will lock tongue suction open) or burn fusible alloy, the door is automatically closed under the action of the spring.

It is important to note that fire doors should not be secured with hooks or door CARDS because people in a panic do not close them in the event of a fire. This could cause fireworks to jump in and prevent walkways and stairwells from evacuating safely.

3, specially for evacuation stairwell fire doors, usually in order to guard against theft in use often locked. In order to solve the problem of both fire prevention and theft prevention, this kind of fire door can be used electromagnetic lock.

The building personnel can use the key to open the entry, fire by smoke sensor linkage or fire control room remote control and on the circuit, the latch is retracted under the effect of magnetic force, the door can be pushed open. Also can set handy mechanical type to push bar door lock, whenever want to push a door to be able to open from inside only, the person goes out the back door is bounced shut, want to open with key from outside, reason can prevent perpetrator to enter building inside.


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