There are several wrong ways to use steel fire doors

Date:Sep 04, 2020


Common mistakes in the process of daily supervision of steel fire doors are mainly used in the following situations:

Remove the door closers at will. General installation of steel fire door stairway people will feel inconvenient due to the presence of the door closure, in order to achieve the convenience of "normally open" so the door closure will be removed.

Two, change the door lock at will. Some units in the use of steel fire doors as security doors, for the sake of safety, so want to change the door to increase reliability.

Three, privately carries on the decoration to the door body. Some units think that the installation of steel fire doors hinder beauty and the whole is not coordinated, so private lines of stainless steel fire doors to decorate, paint different paint and paste decoration materials.

Remove steel fire doors and damaged seals, etc. Due to a variety of reasons cause door damage, seal strip stripping, and even more direct steel fire doors will be removed.

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