the mortise lock brands

Date:Jul 14, 2019

Single tongue mortise lock
This kind of lock has only one square locking tongue, which is mainly used for accessing frequent gates such as shops, theaters, hotels, etc., as well as access doors such as hotels and office buildings. According to the number of locks, it is divided into two types: single head lock and double head lock. The single-head lock only installs a marble lock on the outdoor side of the lock body, and the key is opened and locked on one side of the lock head, and the lock is rotated by the twist on the other side. The double-head lock is equipped with a marble lock on each of the indoor and outdoor sides of the lock body, and both sides need to be opened or locked by a key.
Single lock button mortise lock
This type of door lock has only one bevel lock. This lock is equipped with a pair of handles, one side is equipped with a lock cylinder, and the inside side is locked by a knob on the handle. In the case of no lock, the lock can be opened by the handle inside and outside, and its function is only to prevent wind. When locked, the handle is locked and cannot be moved. This type of lock is often used on office doors or on the door of a home interior.
Double tongue mortise lock
This type of lock has two tongues, a tongue and a tongue. Nowadays, many locks are installed on the security door. Generally, according to the function of the handle, it is divided into three types: single live mortise lock, double live mortise lock and quick open mortise lock. Single-activity refers to the fact that the handle is fixed to the outside, and the side of the room can be pressed down to open the oblique tongue; the double-acting means that the handles on both sides can be pressed down to open the oblique tongue; the quick opening means that the outdoor and indoor handles can be lifted Anti-lock.

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