The maintenance of solid wood composite doors has a knack

Date:Jan 18, 2021

Doors are the earliest and most widely used natural material wood products in human history. In today's highly developed science and technology, despite the endless emergence of many new materials, wood still plays an important role everywhere, especially in construction and furniture materials, which is particularly prominent. For a long period of time, wooden doors, windows and furniture have been dominant. The wooden doors we generally see in this life can be roughly divided into solid wood composite doors and solid wood doors. Among them, the solid wood composite doors have various shapes and rich styles, or exquisite European-style carvings, or Chinese classical patterns of various colors, or fashionable and modern doors. Different decorative styles of doors give consumers a wide choice of space. Then the editor will talk about the maintenance tips of solid wood composite doors, it is definitely worth your visit.

1. Do not hang heavy objects on the door, so as not to reduce the life span; when opening and closing the door leaf, do not use too much force or the opening angle is too large; do not use too much force when wiping the glass to avoid personal injury.

2. When removing the stains on the surface of the wooden door, use a soft cotton cloth to wipe, and it is easy to scratch the surface with a hard cloth. If the stain is too heavy, you can use a neutral detergent, toothpaste or a special furniture cleaner, and dry wipe after removing the stain. Do not rinse with water or wipe with a wet cloth to avoid warping and deformation of the wooden door.

3. Note that the cloth soaked in neutral reagent or moisture should not be placed on the surface of the wooden door for a long time, otherwise it will soak the surface and cause the surface finish material to change color or peel off.

4. Be careful not to rub the edges and corners of the wooden door too much, otherwise it will cause the paint to fall off the edges and corners, and when the hinges, locks and other hardware accessories are loose, it is best to ask the professionals of the manufacturer to repair them. When the door is opened, it makes a sound, indicating that there is a problem with the hinge and other hardware.

5. Be careful not to rub the edges and corners of the wooden door too much, otherwise the paint on the edges and corners will fall off.

6. The hinges and locks are movable parts. When they are loose, they should be tightened immediately. If the hinge position makes a noise, the oil should be filled in time. When the lock is not flexible, you can add an appropriate amount of pencil lead to the key hole.

7. Because wood has the characteristics of dry shrinkage and swelling, in the case of large differences in temperature and humidity, such as slight cracking or shrinkage, this is a normal natural phenomenon. Don’t panic. With seasonal changes, this The phenomenon will disappear naturally.

8. In order to maintain the bright color of the wooden door, wax it regularly for maintenance.

9. Be careful not to accumulate water in the kitchen and bathroom, especially the bottom of the door cover.

10. For heating problems in winter, the room should not be too dry, and the humidity in the air should be kept at about 40%, which is the best condition for the floor, the wooden door, and even the home.

11. Keep the room well ventilated so that the wooden door is at normal room temperature and humidity to prevent wooden products from being deformed due to humidity and excessive temperature differences, metal fittings rusting, edge sealing, and facing materials falling off.

12. When using electric heaters or other heating equipment in winter, stay away from wooden products to avoid thermal deformation.

Based on the above points, we understand the necessity of composite door maintenance. Moreover, the high-end solid wood composite door not only has the characteristics of smooth hand feeling and soft color, but also very environmentally friendly, durable and durable.

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