The latest domestic steel prices

Date:Apr 24, 2019

n April 1, building materials market price rises commonly, board market price rises fall each other shows, tangshan pufang billet falls 20 to 3450.More recent mine accidents, the impact of the hurricane Rio pilbara iron ore shipments, and steel mills to resume production, even the main iron up, and led the black futures rally across the board.Spot market quotation followed by pull up, business confidence slightly boosted, took the opportunity to ship more, the overall volume of transactions.

On January 1, the contract of luo 1905 strengthened, the closing price broke through 3800, and returned to the top of MA5. The intersection of DIF and DEA tends to be parallel. The third line of RSI index is located between 56-67, running on the track of brine belt.

Five construction steel producers raised their ex-factory prices by 20 yuan to 81.5 yuan per ton and one lowered it by 60 yuan to 90 yuan per ton on Monday, while four maintained steady operations.

Steel spot

Construction steel: yesterday's domestic construction steel prices are off to a good start, the average price of rebar steel in major cities is 4062 yuan/ton, up 21 yuan/ton from the previous trading day.Over the weekend, the market performance was fair, the steel billet rebounded slightly, and the market trading recovered. Yesterday, driven by the apparently high impact of phase snail, the price rebounded. Due to the contrary to the expectation of price trend after the tax reform was implemented in some markets, the price rose greatly.

In general, the policy implementation of the first trading day, the market did not fall up, on the one hand, the concerns of the market early did not appear, but the transaction is obvious volume;On the other hand, most markets will be risk, inventory digestion faster, the current sales pressure is not big.Therefore, it is expected that the short - term construction steel prices will continue to rebound.

Hot rolled coil: the price of hot rolled coil in major cities in China fluctuated upward on January 1. As of press time, the national average price of 4.75 hot rolled coil was 3,932 yuan/ton, up 2 yuan/ton from the previous trading day.Yesterday for the formal implementation of the tax reform day, the market was changed to 13 percent tax point, no tax point difference after the price did not suffer too much impact, coupled with the PMI index is much higher than expected, the overall good, strong futures, drove the spot price yesterday higher.As prices rose, a more buoyant trading atmosphere gave a big boost to confidence in a market that had feared the impact of tax reform.But at present, the steel production is high and some steel mills are still in production later, and the production has room to continue to increase, so whether the inventory can continue to be quickly digested under high production is crucial, which will also be the main pressure point in April.

Manufacture: yesterday the manufacture volume spot prices rise and fall on the whole situation now, the national average price 4468 / tons, from the previous session down 6 yuan/ton, with the tax policy to the ground, because the area of the cold rolled a large current inventory is still pressure, especially the early order resources, so today while tax adjustment, the spot price is low, the lower price in order to release the inventory;In other parts of the region, due to low inventory pressure, the implementation of the tax reform has almost no obvious impact on the spot price, and the external quotation of merchants is relatively strong, even raising the price.In general, yesterday's futures have been strong expectations for April bullish sentiment surface support, is expected to today's cold rolling coil price shock operation.

Medium and thick plate: the domestic market price of medium and thick plate increased slightly on January 1. The national average price of 20mm common plate was 4,054 yuan/ton, which was 5 yuan/ton higher than the average price of 31 days.Affected by the tax reduction last week, dealers who issued invoices in the current month increased their prices by 50-80 yuan/ton, which the end customers who purchased on demand had to accept. It was started in April, and the market price was not significantly weakened by the tax reform.In addition, due to the impact of profit, the blanking enterprises adjusted the product structure. The profit of the plate in production was higher than that of the thread. The shipment volume in March increased from January to February, and the output in early April was difficult to decline.From the perspective of inventory, the inventory destocking progress in the middle board has not reached the expected level. The volume of dealers' general board is even lower than that of carbon board, and the speculative demand in the market is not strong.It is expected that the short - term national board market to maintain consolidation operation.

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