The difference of steel and wooden fire door

Date:Jun 23, 2019

Whether it is a steel fire door or a wooden fire door,since they are all fire door,they must have the same things.

The same thing is that both have frame ,door and hardware.In addition,there are also many similarities in the production process, such as painting, sanding and so on.At last,the fire label is also both have WHI and UL.

The difference is that structure,material and fire rating and so on.

Firstly,the steel fire door is made of galvanized steel,cold-rolled steel and galvanealed.But the wooden fire door is made of all kinds of the wood.

Secondly,overall,the production process for the steel fire door is less complex than the production process for the wooden fire door.

Thirdly,in the aspect of the fire rating is also different.Generally speaking,the fire rating for the steel door is longer than the fire rating for the wooden door.

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