The difference between a security door and a fire door

Date:Apr 22, 2019

1. Different anti-theft performance.In the anti-theft door anti-pry sealing performance is better, generally closed after the door without a key can not open the door;Fire door has a certain anti - theft function but anti - pry performance is poor.

2, different fire performance.Security door panel stuffing is not fire material, so security door is not fire;Fire door panel is filled with fire materials, fire performance is good.

3. Different standards.The doors must be marked with "FAM" and refer to the general technical specifications for security doors gb17565-2007.Fire doors are generally not what specific standards, such as street processing plants are this type.

Fire door is an important part of fire equipment, is an important part of social fire prevention, fire door should be installed fire door closer or set often open fire door in the event of fire can automatically close the door door device (except special parts use, such as pipe well door).In other words, except for some special parts, such as the pipe well door, which do not need to install door closers, other parts are required to install fire door closers.

Anti-theft security door according to its different structure, can be divided into open type anti-theft security door, fence type anti-theft security door and fence type folding door three types of doors.But now use in the residence as the main door is flat open type security door, security door fence type security door is mainly used with building intercom electronic control system products supporting use, as a community or residential walkway building intercom with the door.Sliding doors are mainly used in small commercial stores.

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