The advantages of steel fire doors

Date:Sep 04, 2020


1, steel fire door thickness is divided into A, B and C three standards, with excellent sound insulation, heat insulation performance;

3. The surface treatment is electrostatic spraying (wood decorative surface is optional);

2. Hinges, door locks, door closers and other wearing parts are imported from Japan. The switch is light and durable;

4, steel fire doors can be set according to the needs of Windows, louver Windows, ventilation louver, etc.

5, safety: steel fire door will not affect the action of others because of opening and closing, can avoid many people in the hospital mobility inconvenience by a variety of equipment or facilities to impede the action and cause accidents;

6, quiet: the steel fire door only needs to be pushed open by hand, and then it will shut quietly and automatically. There will be no collision sound like the inside and outside door, thus creating a quiet environment;

7, energy saving: steel fire door has a good sealing, close very in place very tight, will not leave the door gap and make air conditioning, heating overflow;

8. Comfort: When the steel fire door is opened, only 1KG of force is needed, and the opening tension is less than 50N. Even people in wheelchairs can easily open the door.

9, durability: pulley, track and other easy wear accessories are imported hardware, use times through strict testing, so as to ensure the service life of the product.

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