Structural characteristics of steel-wood fire doors

Date:Sep 23, 2020

1. Combined

Steel anti-theft door core, secondary externally hung patented environmentally-friendly flame-retardant heat-insulating fire-retardant composite board and modeling finish. Based on the unique advantages of relying solely on the fire prevention of the board itself without the need for fire prevention of traditional fillers, the combined external hanging design is possible; the inner and outer door panels and the inner and outer door cover lines are all removable and rear hanging, and the door frame adopts the overall on-site combined installation structure of accessories , The frame materials are all standardized detachable combinations, with high precision, convenient installation and transportation, which not only solves the problem of fireproof bridge breakage, but also plays a new role in post decoration.

2. Stability

Combination of steel and wood, the yin and yang faces resist the stress, after the inner plate is screwed, hang the outer plate, and then tighten the screws around, the stresses cancel each other, and the two materials of steel and wood have complementary advantages, and the structural stability is better than traditional wood and steel Quality door. The wooden veneer lines are bidirectionally positioned and fastened by metal components, with accurate positioning, anti-deformation, easy installation, firmness and reliability.

3. Strong applicability

Steel-wood fireproof door frames are less susceptible to damage than wooden frames before installation of general civil engineering plastering. In addition, the steel frame is in the basement and coastal areas and other shady places.

4. High cost performance

The price of steel-wood fireproof doors is lower than that of steel fireproof doors, and the price is equivalent to that of wooden fireproof doors, and the dead weight of wooden fans is lighter than steel fans, and it is flexible to open. In frequently opened passages, steel frame hinges are more durable than wooden frames. .

5. The appearance is good for decoration

The steel and wood fireproof door frame can be installed in the middle, or externally with buckle. The outer buckle can be selected. The company's conventional buckle has 2 cm flat buckle, 5 cm flat buckle and 5 cm flower buckle. The styles are more diverse and beautiful than wooden doors.

6. Easy to install

Steel-wood fire door hardware is generally installed on site, while steel-wood doors are normally assembled with frame fans and leave the factory, which reduces on-site installation costs. Steel frame fixing is faster and more convenient than wooden frames.

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