Steel-wood fire door material composition

Date:Sep 23, 2020

With the advancement of the production technology of fire doors, the varieties introduced therewith have become more diversified. Steel-wood fire-resistant door manufacturers, you have summarized the material composition of steel-wood fire doors and some of the key points of purchase.

Steel-wood fire door structure materials

1. Steel fire doors include all-steel fire doors and steel-wood fire doors. The materials of these two fire doors are slightly different.

2. The door frame, door leaf frame and door leaf panel of the all-steel fire door are all made of steel materials. The door leaf is filled with non-toxic and harmless fireproof and heat insulation materials, and fireproof hardware accessories are used as connectors and fasteners. , It constitutes a steel fire door with excellent fire resistance.

3. Steel-wood fire doors use steel and non-combustible wooden materials to make door frames, door leaf frames and door leaf panels, and the interior is also filled with fire-resistant materials. Steel-wood fire doors are not only excellent in fire resistance and heat insulation, but also have a strong decorative effect. Fire door manufacturers also have many styles of this type of fire door, which are novel and fashionable, and are favored by customers.

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