Steel fire door selection color match guide

Date:Apr 19, 2019

One, what is steel fire door

Steel fire door is a steel material made into the door frame and the general frame, the internal filling with fire insulation and non-toxic and harmless materials to the human body, in addition to the use of fire hardware components with fire characteristics of the door.

Although the name of the steel fire door in our country market is "steel", but it is not with steel material as the core, but through a variety of technical means to meet the production.However, because of its heat insulation function and strong sealing characteristics, fire doors are often used in large hospitals, supermarkets and other areas where high-end goods need to be stored.The use of steel fire doors on the one hand can ensure that high-grade goods on fire in a safe environment, in addition, steel fire doors and security doors have the same special attributes.

Two, the color of steel fire door

The choice of color of door of steel qualitative fire prevention wants to combine floor color and the color with metope, only 3 person consider ability to make the appearance appears beautiful at the same time, want to combine again decorate bound "wall shallow, ground in deep" principle.

1. White walls and white floors

Right now, when both in 3 person are the white in light color department, the color of steel qualitative fire door must not choose brunet.When encountering this kind of circumstance, should choose light gray or be the same color as wall ground directly -- white!But the situation that all pass white is also infrequent, so, right now best choice small rabbit proposal chooses shallow gray!

2. White wall and wood floor (wood floor)

This is the combination that a kind of warm color fastens, when wall body presents white, and it is the ground with woodiness floor, right now steel qualitative fire prevention door had better choose white, because 3 person belong to warm color to fasten, 3 person combination, give a person harmonious and downy feeling.But, small make up think, among them important still should refer to the color of the floor, if the color of wooden floor is too deep, so white or light color fire prevention door appears do not match.

3. Dark red walls and white floors

Encounter this kind of circumstance, small make up the steel fire door that suggests you to choose to be the same as the color with the ground, the ground and the door are an organic whole, give a person a kind of whole feeling very strong sense.

Generally speaking, in our impression, steel fire door is made of steel as basic raw materials in the production of a fire door products, often color selection is relatively drab, relative to the wooden door, they may be the most is the color of blue or green, but in fact today steel fire door and many other colors for customers' reference, on the one hand, we at the time of choosing colors, best can choose as far as possible more bright, eye-catching color easily, on the other hand also should combine actual structure characteristic factors of decorate, repeatedly to compare and consider.

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