steel fire door for commercial use

Date:Apr 25, 2019

Steel fire doors are divided into a, b, c three, the fire-resistant time requirements are steel class a fire door 1.5h, steel class b fire door 1.0h, steel class c fire door 0.5h.

The steel fire door adopts high quality galvanized steel plate, the door body is filled with heat insulation refractory material, the work is exquisite, the product quality reaches the national standard of fire door, the product has good sound insulation effect, the average sound insulation RW>=30dB;Good heat insulation effect, similar to the wall, more than 500 ℃ can keep temperature difference between inside and outside;Good fire resistance stability, fire resistance limit: class a 1.2 hours, class b 0.9 hours, class c 0.6 hours;Good decorative effect: the use of electrostatic powder spray surface treatment technology, spray layer is strong, corrosion resistance, beautiful, and can choose a variety of colors fit the architectural decoration style;Can also be directly used with wood grain complex plastic steel plate production and a variety of styles of three-dimensional pressure modeling.Equipped with the national fire detection institutions testing qualified hardware accessories.Surface paint production, color options, door size can be customized according to user needs.

The steel fire door is composed of frame, door, fire lock, fire door closer, fire hinge and fire seal.The thickness of door leaf steel plate is 0.8mm. According to different parts of the door frame, 1.2mm, 1.5mm and 3.0mm steel plates are respectively used, which are all made according to national standards.Frame made of high-quality cold-rolled steel sheet or stainless steel plate inside abdomen infill above 1200 ℃ flame retardant of heat-resistant insulating material, the surface electrostatic pensu.Accessories choose special accessories for fire prevention, such as fire lock, fire hinge, door closer, etc.

Steel fire door is mainly used for various senior, senior buildings, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, industrial buildings, commercial centers and entertainment places, workshop, external emergency staircase, power equipment, elevator control room, computer room and other people, in areas such as the industrial construction sites, etc., usually used for personnel, can rise to stop when a fire flame spread and prevent the combustion flue gas flow, at the same time, the sealing effect.The hole size can be standard size or can be used for a variety of non-standard hole, according to the actual situation of separate design and production

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