Some knowledge about fire doors(3)

Date:Oct 22, 2020

Door closers:

Fire doors should be equipped with fire door closets or door closets that allow normally opened fire doors to automatically close doors in case of fire (except for special parts, such as pipe well doors, etc.). Fire door closers shall pass the inspection by the state-authorized testing institutions; The closed-door device for automatically closing door doors shall pass the inspection by the state-authorized testing institution.


Double fire doors should have the function of self-closing in order, which is realized by sequencer.

Fire lock:

The door lock installed on the fire door should be a fire lock. The fire lock should pass the inspection by the national authorized testing institution.

Fire proof hinge:

Hinge plates for fire doors shall be not less than 3mm thick.

Fire bolt:

Steel fire bolts shall be used and shall be installed on the doors on the relatively fixed side of double fire doors or multiple fire doors (if required)

Seam cover board:

Double fire doors with flat or muzzle structure shall be provided with cover seam plates. The connection between the seam plate and the door leaf should be firm; Cover seam plate should not interfere with the normal opening and closing of doors.

Fire seal:

Fire door frame and door leaf, door leaf and door leaf gap should be embedded fire seals. For example: expansion of fire seals, etc. (Fireproof seals shall pass the inspection by the national authorized testing institution)

Fire passage push rod lock (escape lock, fire lock) :

Anti-channel push lever lock is used for emergency access door lock, can be directly open from the inside, can not be opened from the outside, has a certain anti-theft function, often used in shopping malls and supermarkets entertainment and other places with large flow of people.


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