Roller doors and shutters should last decades

Date:Dec 07, 2018

Then you need “large, heavy duty” industrial and commercial installations, especially resistant to high wind, possible fire or theft.

 A roller door is generally a “one piece” rolling panel which has longitudinal seams, connecting together as per the average domestic garage door. A roller shutter on the other hand has individual “slats” and a bottom rail which are roll formed to allow them to interlock together.

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A quality roller door or shutter installed correctly and properly maintained should last between 20 and 50 years.

Cheap and inferior products soon fail, particularly in the windy conditions that we get in the region.

The shutters should be made of quality steel and aluminium that can withstand wind, fire and break-ins.

The shutters should also be stylish and appealing plus should be very easy to operate.

Hallings Roller Shutters Pty Ltd is a Wollongong based small business that is dedicated to large industrial and commercial roller doors, shutters and motor drives.

Darylle Halling is the founder and owner of Hallings Roller Shutters and has decades of experience in the industry.

“We are extremely proud to be a B&D exclusive dealer as with smaller installations the B&D industrial roller door has absolutely no competition when it comes to quality and performance,” Darylle said.

“Plus we have the only roller door on the market in 0.55mm thickness and ‘metal’ collars not plastic.

“We pride ourselves with our charter of “quality products installed to last” and also our 0 per cent call back rate - we don’t get paid for call backs so it makes good business sense to ensure everything works perfectly!

“I have 38 years of hands on experience and with this comes the knowledge to guarantee our customers receive exceptional value for money.

“Also having a long term relationship with Australia’s largest supplier of industrial motor drives, the Grifco brand is synonymous with rugged reliability and we offer ‘retrofit’ conversions to existing industrial doors and shutters.”

They offer 24 hour emergency service to account customers from their base at Warilla and also offer “statewide” coverage for their corporate clients.

Darylle knows their roller doors last decades because he visits sites where they were installed 25 years ago.

Their experts can travel throughout the Illawarra, Southern Highlands and Shoalhaven areas for your convenience.

email : sveta@ghdoorframe.com

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