Rising Fire Door Manufacturer part 1

Date:Apr 11, 2019

Dalian Golden House Door&Window Mfg Co.,Ltd was founded in 1988 .At the beginning years ,some young man from the all over China came to this positive company to achieve their dreams.


For now, our company became more and more powerful. In this year ,we will attend two exhibitions , “Saudi Build 2017”and “Canton Fair” . In the period of the exhibitions ,the customers can check our products in real; our sales can explain every details to the customers; we can also expand the our company's visibility and influence, increase the exposure in front of overseas buyers, so that buyers deepen your impression of your company; we can know the latest trends in the product, so as to improve our products and improve their services.In a word, it gives us a good way to do more good things for our customers.


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