Prospects for the fire door industy

Date:Jun 09, 2019

Due to the high qualification threshold of fire doors, there are not many manufacturers that can really enter the fire door industry. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than a thousand fire door enterprises in the country. This does not include those family-run processing units. The grades of products produced by these processing units are uneven, and the prices of products range from a few hundred to several thousand.

The market structure in the industry has not yet formed.There are fewer big companies and big brands and there are no national leading brands.

In recent years,some European and American brands have actively joinde the competition in the Chinese fire door market,especially European companies ,and are trying to make Euorpean the fire doors occupy more Chinese markets.

In the face of the international competitors,we must face the status quo.On the one hand ,we must learn from our humility,on the other hand ,we must work hard to strengthen our own strength.

Now,China's fire door manufacturers are facing enormous challenges.Who can seize the opportunities in the challange,who will be the winner of the market.

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