Prime Painted Materials Alert

Date:Sep 30, 2019

Prime Painted Doors, Frames, and Accessories (where applicable) shall comply with the acceptance criteria specified in ANSI A250.10-1998. Doors and frames are cleaned and treated prior to painting to insure maximum paint
adhesion. All exposed surfaces are then given a factory-applied coat of rust inhibiting “direct to metal” type primer.
The primer is then baked, air dried, or otherwise cured as appropriate for the product.
This process is intended to protect the steel surfaces for a period of time under reasonable weather exposure
conditions. Factory applied primer coatings may be somewhat porous in order to accept finish coatings. The primer
coating may therefore be susceptible to the action of moisture or ambient moisture condensation during shipping or
storage. For example, transportation of materials in unprotected “open” trucks during inclement weather (rain or
snow) or on roadways where salt or other snow melting agents are used will deteriorate the primer. Such moisture
problems may result in rusted or water stained areas. ANSI A250.8-1998 (SDI-100) paragraph 4.1 presents Industry recommended jobsite storage requirements.
Should the primer become scratched, abraded, rusted or stained, the affected areas will rust unless sanded and
reprimed with a suitable “direct to metal” primer containing rust inhibitors.
Prior to application of finish coats, the substrate shall again be inspected by the Painting Contractor. All Architectural Specification requirements along with all requirements of the paint Manufacturer shall be followed. These will
generally include scuff sanding of the substrate to remove foreign materials, scratches or abrasions from construction processes, along with any special or mandatory requirements for primer touch-up or additional primers required by the paint system.
MOST IMPORTANTLY, the field applied primer and finish paint “systems” must be designed for direct to metal
applications and contain rust inhibiting properties.
IF COATING COMPATIBILITY IS AN ISSUE, contact the SDI Manufacturers or their local Distributors who can
provide information or “sample” materials for the Painting Contractor’s use.

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