Other accessories od fire rated doors

Date:Jan 06, 2020

1, Coordinator

A, Use for double door.

B, Confirm which door closer first.

C, 3 types. (depend on lock type)

D, UL certification.


2, Silencer/ Rubber Seal

A, shock absorber

B,  Avoid noise for closer door.

C, Install on the frame.

image image

3, Smoke seal

A, Anti-Smoke during fire.

B, Expansion during fire.

C, Make seamless between door and frame.

D, Install on the door or frame.


4, Door/Wall Stopper

A,  Same function.

B,  Avoid handle knock the Wall.

C,  Keep the door Open

D,  Different type.

E,  Different material.

image imageimageimage

5, Sweeper/Bottom Seal/Threshold

A, Clean the dust when open door.

B, Anti-dust or insect when closer the door.

C, Cover some wire or tube.


6, Kick Plates

A, Kick plate.

B, Avoid door damaged.

C, Stainless steel material.

D, For school, hospital and others.


7, Viewer/Peep hole

A, Check the outside view.

B, UL certification.

C, Different size.

image imageimage

8, Glass

A, UL certification wire glass. 

B, Clear temper glass.

C, Fogging glass.

D, Insulated glass.

E, Laminated glass.


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