New Intertek fire door certification

Date:Dec 05, 2018

CARSON CITY, Nev.--Ray Zehrung, president of Marray, a manufacturer of electrified locking equipment, has teamed up with testing agency Intertek to create a half-day training course for installers called "Perfect Raceway." The program trains installers to drill a door that is compliant with NFPA 80.
Zehrung points out that when an installer drills a factory-original door or frame to make modifications, most of the time they void the fire rating of that door. There are millions of fire-rated doors out there with voided fire labels that have not been re-inspected, Zehrung said, and he posited that they would not pass if re-inspected.
These violations have not been given much attention until recently. This year, NFPA 80 was updated to require the annual inspections of fire-rated doors. "This means that any door modified and not recertified by a listing agency will be decertified by the inspector," Zehrung said.
Zehrung created a product called Dor-Cor Drilling Fixture and partnered with Intertek "to provide a way for a field tech to drill fire-rated doors for wire chases and label them in the field." For information about upcoming certifications visit www.ghdoorframe.com.
In addition, Kristin Collette, NFPA fire protection engineer, said the Door and Hardware Institute has a growing education and training program and will soon release an "education program in response to the new requirement." They're also publishing an inspector's guide for contractors and inspectors being trained, partially in response to the new requirement of NFPA 80.

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