Metal Door Frame vs Wood Door Frame

Date:Sep 18, 2018


We live in a time in which the security of our homes and businesses, and the safety of our families are our primary concern. Home invasions, robberies, and other property crimes are on the rise and making certain changes to our homes have become more of a necessity than a luxury. One of the first changes to go on the list when you are considering an increase in security features is your door frame.

While wood door frames have been the norm for many generations, they can become debilitated and weathered over time, allowing strangers easy access to our homes. Having state of the art door locks is worthless when your door frames are so weakened they will not resist an attack. When this is the case, replacement becomes urgent, and there is not better substitute than a metal door frame.

Let’s consider a few important points to keep in mind when you are looking to make your home more secure. Even though metal door frames may seem more expensive than wood, in the long run they become a better investment, as their life expectancy is much higher than that of wood. Before a metal door frame even starts showing signs of weathering, you will have had to change wood door frames at least twice. On the other hand, there is also the matter of aesthetics, and these days metal door frames can be given that finished wood look so many people have come to love. Maintenance is also easier and less expensive for metal door frames, as they only need a coat of paint to look good for many years.

Setting cost effectiveness aside, the decision of metal door frames vs wood door frames becomes an easy one when you realize how difficult it becomes to break down a door that has a metal frame. Locks will function more efficiently, and you will acquire peace of mind knowing your family will be safe even when you are not around.

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