Material of plywood door

Date:Jan 11, 2021

Plywood doors, ordinary plywood doors use wood, perforated boards, high-density boards, etc. as the door core. The flat parts of the two sides of the door are glued to the frame with decorative panels, and the groove parts are glued with veneer or paper and processed. This kind of door is light in weight and low in price, but limited by the technology, the surface color difference is large, and the door can only be pasted with veneer, paper veneer or nailed with wooden strips to seal the edges.

The plywood door is simple and smooth, which meets the requirements of cleanliness and hygiene. However, the plywood depends on the quality of the glue. It is usually easy to degummed when damp, and it is easy to crack in the sun. If it is a plywood door with a mixed water effect, you can directly use the three plywood veneer, but the quality of the current three plywood is not very good, so now red beech or red walnut are used instead. These two kinds of veneer are cheaper than Three plywood is not much expensive. Secondly, the flatness of the veneer is much better than that of the plywood, and the paint application is also easy.

The frame of the plywood door generally adopts solid wood lines to close the edges, which is beautiful, and secondly makes the door not easy to deform. Many decoration companies now use this kind of door when making budgets. It may be that the name "Plywood Door" is not very good. Customers may feel that this door is of low grade, so everyone gave this door a nice name: "Craft Door". This kind of door is simple to make and uses less materials, so its price is the cheapest among several doors. But it is the door with the largest sales volume, so there are the most merchants selling this kind of door on the market. As long as it sells the door, every family sells this kind of door.

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