LISTING INFORMATION OF Therma Tru 20 Min (with hose) Fiberglass Fire Door PP Model 20PPFFD SPEC ID: 25358

Date:Sep 18, 2018

Fiberglass Reinforced Faced (Proprietary Core) (Simulated Panel Type or Flush) Swinging Door for installation in up to 20 minute locations (with or without hose stream-see table below). For use in any "Category C - Standard" frames. These doors may also be installed in frames listed in "Category C - Proprietary" in accordance with the frame manufacturer's individual listing. A fire rated compression weather strip is required.


Cylindrical/Mortise/Deadbolt/Latches with maximum 2-3/4" backset/Card Reader/Surface Mounted Vertical Rod Fire Exit Devices/Rim-Type Fire Exit Devices/Viewers/Protection Plates/Surface Mounted Closers/Surface or Kerf Mounted Door Bottom/ Arch Top and Round Top Door Configurations.

Maximum Size of Openings

Single Swing (with hose stream) 3'0" wide x 6'8" high 

Standard and Double Egress Pairs - Not Allowed

Testing Standard

UL-10C (Positive Pressure) (2009) 

NFPA 252 (2008) 

CAN4 S104 (1985)

All assemblies are identified by a label or marking bearing the wording, "Listed (Product)", a time interval, temperature rise (if applicable), a serial number and the WHI Certification Mark.

(Unless otherwise specified, all Fire Doors have a nominal thickness of 1-3/4".)

Attribute                                                     Value

CSI Code                                                     08 10 00 Doors and Frames

CSI Code                                                     08 15 00 Plastic Doors

Fire Resistance                                            20 Min w/Hose Stream PP Cat A Door

Swing                                                          Single Swing

Listed or Inspected                                     LISTED

Report Number                                          100354358MID-001

Criteria                                                        CAN4 S104 (1985)

Criteria                                                        NFPA 252 (2008)

Criteria                                                        UL 10(c) (2009)

Intertek Services                                         Certification

Listing Section                                            CATEGORY A - DOORS - NO ADDITIONAL 

                                                                   EDGESEALING SYSTEM REQUIRED

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