LifeDoor closes your home’s doors automatically to protect against fires

Date:Dec 08, 2018

It turns out that in case of a fire in your home, a closed door is the best barrier against spreading smoke, heat and flames. But who’s going to run around the house shutting doors? LifeDoor is a simple gadget that sits on your doors’ hinges and closes them automatically (and gently) when smoke is detected. It’s kid safe and firefighter approved.

I talked with LifeDoor’s  Ben Docksteader and Joel Sellinger on the show floor at CES, where they’re showing off the latest prototype of their self-designed home safety device.

It was inspired by knowledge widespread among firefighters but less known among ordinary folks that deaths from smoke inhalation, toxic and superheated gases and heat are effectively mitigated just by closing a door. UL has been trying to spread the word over the last few months following some studies showing the effectiveness of this simple countermeasure.

(If nothing else, it’s worth taking away from this post that closing the door is a good idea in case of fire.)

LifeDoor is quite simple, really: The device, about the size of a paperback (now — future versions will be smaller), is installed in seconds by dropping it into the hinge of any ordinary door and attaching it to the door itself with screws or double-sided tape.


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