Let Us Help You Choose the Proper Fire Rated Doors & Frames

Date:Dec 27, 2018

Let Us Help You Choose the Proper Fire Rated Doors & Frames

The momentum and speed at which a fire can spread inside a building shouldn’t be underestimated. Fires are very difficult to control, particularly if not contained initially, which is why it’s so important to select quality construction materials that will protect occupants in such an emergency.


Dalian Golden House Door & Frame Mfg. Co., Ltd. (GH)has been one of the most trusted frame and door manufacturers for four decades. We offer an extensive range of custom-crafted stainless steel and galvanneal metal doors and frames, including fire rated doors and frames.



Our products not only play a key role in protecting people, but also in minimizing property fire damage. Hollow metal doors and frames are very effective and are composed of the only material widely available with a 3-hour fire rating.


Here’s some helpful information for selecting the proper fire rated doors and frames for your project:


1 The fire rating classification of the wall into which the door is installed dictates the required fire rating of the door. Steel fire doors are rated by the time a door can withstand exposure to fire test conditions.


2 3-hour rated fire doors are usually required in walls that separate buildings or divide a large building into smaller areas. (The wall rating is 4 hours.)


3 1-1/2-hour rated fire doors are required in 2-hour rated walls. They are commonly located in stairwells or other enclosures in a building. They’re also in boiler rooms and exterior walls that pose the risk of severe outside fire exposure.


4 45-minute rated fire doors are used in 1-hour walls and are required in walls of corridors and room partitions. They may also be installed in exterior walls that are subject to moderate outside fire exposure.


5 20-minute rated fire doors are used in 1-hour walls for corridor applications and other areas where smoke and draft control is a key concern.


6 GH has certifications from Warnock Hersey and Underwriters Laboratories Inc. that allows us to offer all of the above fire rated doors (and frames.)

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