Three kinds of wood suitable for solid wood doors

Date:Jan 18, 2021

The tree species currently suitable for solid wood doors and decorations include Fraxinus mandshurica, oak (white oak, red oak), rubber wood, pine, beech, walnut, teak, cedar, camphor wood, elm, and nanmu (golden nan) , Cherry, maple, etc. Which kind of wood is good for solid wood doors? The price, service life, and decorative effects of solid wood doors of different wood species are also very different. Accurately identify tree species, choose suitable solid wood doors, and understand the properties of some commonly used wood Features are necessary. The editor will focus on three types of wood commonly found in solid wood doors.

One, pine (mason pine, mongolica)

Due to the increasing importance of environmental protection, solid wood doors have gradually increased, among which pine solid wood doors account for a large part, especially the children's solid wood doors are mostly made of pine. There are two main materials for pine solid wood doors, one is Masson pine and the other is Pinus sylvestris. The main material is Pinus sylvestris, which is an important raw material for man-made fiberboard in decoration. Masson pine has straight or uneven texture and medium to thick structure. The disadvantage is that the cracking is more serious when dry. Not resistant to corrosion. Poor paint and bonding performance. It has strong nail-holding power and is relatively less used as a woodworking board in solid wood doors. The price of woodworking board is generally about 3 times that of the same size Chinese fir integrated board or large core board. Pinus sylvestris are widely used as the material for mid-range solid wood doors, and many log solid wood doors use pine. The pine wood is stronger, with clearer texture and better wood. Compared with fir, the wood grain of Pinus sylvestris is more beautiful and the wood scars are less.

2. Fraxinus mandshurica

The largest proportion of decorative panels is the Fraxinus mandshurica panel. The reason for using this type of panel is inseparable from its characteristics. The scientific name of Fraxinus mandshurica is ash, which belongs to a kind of wood belonging to the genus Oleaceae. For Northeast China, North China, Russia and other places, the biggest advantage of Fraxinus mandshurica lies in its lines. The lines of Fraxinus mandshurica are beautiful and clear. For example, as decorative panels or solid wood doors, varnishing or whitening can best reflect its beauty. The pattern is suitable for the modern and simple style, and the ash panel is a lower-priced decorative panel. The disadvantage is that if it is used as a solid wood door, the deformation is large, so if the Fraxinus mandshurica is made of solid wood, use small wooden blocks to join it. Most of the solid wood doors of Fraxinus mandshurica seen in solid wood stores are made of solid wood of Fraxinus mandshurica, and large areas are covered with solid wood of Fraxinus mandshurica. This is because of the large deformation and shrinkage of Fraxinus mandshurica.

Three, oak (white oak, red oak)

Oak is also a kind of decorative wood that everyone loves. Oak is a common name. The scientific name of real oak is oak, which belongs to Fagaceae and Sawtooth oak. Red oak is called kenaf oak and white oak is called white oak. In fact, red oak It's not really red, but woody yellow is slightly pink, and white oak is not white, but light yellow. This causes the color difference between red oak and white oak to be not very big. Oak is characterized by heavy hard and straight texture. Rough structure, elegant color and beautiful texture, high mechanical strength, wear resistance, but wood is not easy to dry sawing and cutting. At the same time, if a large area is used, the degree of deformation is large, and the oak pattern also has the difference between straight and horizontal grains. Compared with straight grains It looks good, and the price is slightly more expensive. Pay attention to the use of oak. Many use Southeast Asian rubber wood to pretend to be oak. Pay attention when buying wood and solid wood doors. For rubber wood, the identification method is that the rubber wood has a peculiar smell, which is easy to moth and corrode.

Reminder: Solid wood doors need to be carefully taken care of due to material reasons. If you find it troublesome, consider composite panels.

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