Key points for installation and use of fire doors

Date:Sep 29, 2020

First of all, the installation specifications of fire doors are introduced. When installing door frame and door leaf, answer to undertake installing according to the opening direction of the door, fire door must open to evacuation direction, this can say the most important point in installing. The distance between the door frame and the surrounding wall should not be too large, if necessary, cement mortar or rock wool plugging. When installing fire doors, pay attention to whether the air tightness is good or not. A lot of installation engineering team is in installation process existence cut corners phenomenon, want to forbid firmly, door frame unfavorable make oneself, should buy installation of common fireproof door fan. Actually, in the whole use process of fire door, use specification is the most important, it can affect the normal function of fire door not only, still can affect the service life of fire door.


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