Is the bedroom sliding door glass frosted or transparent?

Date:Dec 09, 2020

In the current house, the basic master bedroom will have a balcony. If you connect to this balcony, you will definitely need a sliding door. Many people are entangled with one question, which is whether the glass of the sliding door should be frosted or transparent. Let’s compare today. What is the difference between the two.

1. Frosted glass sliding door:

The advantage of using a frosted glass door between the bedroom and the balcony is that the sun is more sunny in summer. Compared with the transparent glass door, it has stronger sun protection ability, so even if you don't buy curtains, you won't feel the indoor heat. The frosted glass door has better privacy, unlike the transparent glass door, which has no sense of security. It at least guarantees its own safety and can also provide a net for criminals.

But there are also disadvantages. It has an impact on the indoor lighting. If the color of the interior decoration is relatively dark, the use of frosted glass doors will only make the bedroom look darker. Here is a warm reminder that if the balcony is not sealed, the frosted glass door will be very dirty after long-term use. Compared with the transparent glass door, it is not easy to clean.

2. Transparent glass sliding door:

First of all, if the balcony and bedroom are equipped with transparent sliding doors, the indoor lighting will be better, so if the bedroom is smaller, it can be brighter. Even if the interior decoration color brightness is too low, natural light can make up for this shortcoming.

Secondly, use a transparent sliding door. When you want to see the scenery outside, you can see it without opening the door, which is more convenient.

But it also has disadvantages. Privacy is one of its biggest shortcomings. Transparent glass sliding doors without curtains will expose their bedroom to the eyes of others, and some unruly people may still peep.

In addition, if the bedroom is luxuriously decorated and the balcony is often used to dry clothes, then you can see some underwear directly from the transparent glass door, which will definitely be unsightly. So I have to install a curtain.

The above is the relevant knowledge about whether the bedroom sliding door glass is frosted or transparent. It still depends on personal hobbies. After all, everyone's preferences are different.

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