Insulated fire door

Date:Sep 22, 2020

Every year, there will be fires in places, and more or less people will be injured. Except for natural disasters, we cannot stop, but we still have the ability to minimize the damage. Relevant departments must conduct regular inspections to keep safe passages open and tidy. This can ensure that after a fire occurs, people can keep order to escape in the direction of the passage, ensuring that people can be evacuated in a short time. Moreover, the littering of cigarette butts may also cause a serious fire. What's more, there are too many flammable products around us. One inadvertently lit the fuse unknowingly. This is also very possible. The fire brings not only material damage to people, but also spiritual damage.

At this time, the heat-insulating fire-proof door appeared. It was generous and beautiful in appearance, and it was flexible and convenient to open. It looked like an ordinary door, but it could play an important role at the critical moment. You know, fire doors can prevent the rapid spread of fire, provide more time for people to escape, and reduce people's casualties. Install fire doors for your safety.

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