Instructions for fire doors

Date:Apr 26, 2019

I. product overview

Fire doors are made of non-combustible materials (wood or steel materials) door frames, door frames and door panels,

The door is filled with non-toxic and harmless fire insulation material for human body and is equipped with a door with certain fire-resistant performance composed of fire-proof hardware fittings.

Fire doors are mainly used in the construction of evacuation passageway or equipment room, electric Wells, Wells, such as pipe fire requirements


According to the fire code fire doors are one-way open to the direction of escape, the location of the fire door can not set the door

Sill, with automatic closing function.Double doors shall be automatically closed in sequence.

According to the user needs wood fire doors can have different materials of decorative surface decoration.Steel fire door can do electrostatic spray

Apply, paint, heat transfer and other surface treatment, choose different color style.According to the requirements of users can be opened glass holes, and add fire glass.

Two, fire door code and mark: wooden fire door, code: MFM.Steel fire door, code name: GFM.Steel wood fire door, code: GMFM.

Other material fire door, code: **FM.1 -- code name of single fire door.2 -- code for double fire doors.

Note: multiple fire doors (including more than two fire doors), code for the number of doors with Numbers.B -- fire door with fire glass on the door, the glass age number is slightly.L -- fire door with bright window, no bright window code is omitted.S -- double notch for door frame.D -- single notch for door frame.

K -- fire door with lower frame, no lower frame code is omitted.5 -- open the door to the right, and close the single door clockwise.6 -- open the door on the left, and close the single door counterclockwise.


X x x - x x x x - - - -

Enterprise custom code

Door number code material and name code

Fire resistance code hole size code

The width of the opening is indicated by the opening direction code

Lower frame code (no lower frame code is omitted) height of hole mark

Glazing code (no glazing code is omitted) glazing code (no glazing code is omitted)

The double groove of the door frame is codenamed s, and the single groove is codenamed d

Iii. Technical parameters:

Note: this data is based on standard fire doors, special hardware fire doors additional instructions.

Iv. Standard configuration table

Note: the specific quantity is shown in the delivery list.

V. installation and debugging:

1) operating conditions: the main structure is accepted by the relevant quality department.The handover formalities have been completed between the types of work.Check whether the hole size, elevation and opening direction meet the design requirements.The hole with embedded parts should also check whether the number, location and embedding method of embedded parts meet the design requirements.2) installation process: line -- vertical door frame -- installation of door accessories.

3) operation debugging: after the door is closed, the door joint should be even and even, open freely and lightly, and there should be no tight, loose or rebound phenomenon.Vi. Protection of finished products

1) avoid collision with hard objects such as walls during product handling to avoid product damage.Do not deform the door frame during handling

2) the product shall be stored in the warehouse or open shed according to relevant requirements, ventilated and dry, and protected from sun, moisture and corrosion.The product shall be placed flat or on the side of the pad wood, the height of the pad wood from the ground shall be greater than 400mm, the stacking height of the door frame shall not exceed 1.5m, the stacking height of the door leaf shall not exceed 1.2m, and the tilt Angle of the product shall not be greater than 20 degrees when it is placed vertically.Length shall not be greater than 5.0m.

3) after temporary fixed fire door into the mouth of the cave, should check whether frames and intermediate frames with protective tape and plastic film sealing wound, again carries on the door frame and the wall between the gap filling embedded and the hole wall surface decoration construction, in order to prevent the cement mortar, grey water, spraying materials such as pollution and damage to the body surface.Do not break the protective material on the door surface before wet work is done indoors or outdoors.And on the passage of the door frame 1-2 meters

Protection from incoming and outgoing crashes.The door with lower sill should be protected by wood or other means.After the overall completion of the project before the door hanging work.Other hardware in order to prevent loss should be installed before fire acceptance.

Maintenance matters:

✧ maintain indoor air circulation, avoid too wet or submerged.✧ door leaf potassium flameproof glass is strictly prohibited rain immersion.

✧ fire lock handle regular reinforcement fastening screws to avoid loose fall off.✧ door closers if too fast or too slow phenomenon should timely adjust the adjusting screw.✧ hinge oil lubrication on a regular basis.Keep the switch flexible.

Caution: door handles and door closers are fragile parts and should be used correctly and serviced regularly to extend their service life.

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