Installation requirements for wooden fire doors

Date:Dec 16, 2020

Wooden fire doors are divided into two series, full board and half glass, and various specifications of single and double leaf. Pay attention to the following points in the installation of wooden fire doors:

1: The wooden fire door should be a flat door, which must be opened flexibly and has the function of self-closing.

2: The wooden fire doors used for evacuation passages should have the function of being able to be closed immediately in the event of a fire, and should be opened in the evacuation direction, and locks and bolts should not be installed.

3: Double or multiple wooden fire doors with spigots must be able to close sequentially.

4: The cutout where the frame of the wooden fire door and the door leaf overlap should be left with a sealing groove, and the sealing strip made of incombustible materials should be inlaid.

5: When the conditions are met, it is advisable to assemble the door leaf and the door frame as a complete set, install all the hardware, and then install the complete set.

6: After the wooden fire door is made, the base oil (dry oil) should be brushed immediately to prevent deformation from moisture.

7: The hardware installation should be fixed with wood screws, and nails should not be used instead.

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