Installation requirements for wood fire doors

Date:Apr 23, 2019

1. Wood fire door installation requirements 1. Wood fire door appropriate for the flat door, must open flexible, and has the function of self-closing.

2 for the evacuation of the wooden fire doors should have a fire in the event of a quick closure of the function, and to the direction of the evacuation of the open, lock and bolt should not be installed.

3. Double or multiple wood fire doors with zippers must be closed sequentially.

4 wood fire door frame and door fan lap of the mouth should be left sealed slot, and filled incombustible materials made of sealing strip.

5. When conditions are available, it is advisable to assemble the door and door frame in sets, install all the hardware, and then install them in sets.

6 wood fire doors made, should immediately brush a bottom oil (dry oil), to prevent moisture deformation.

7. Hardware installation shall be fixed with wood screws and shall not be replaced by nails.

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