Installation method of wooden fire door

Date:Sep 22, 2020

Step 1: Before installation, coordinate the size of the door frame with the size of the opening. The size of the door frame should be basically less than 20mm of the door hole, so that the installation is smooth and the gap after installation will not be too large;

Step 2: The lower foot of the door frame needs to be buried about 20mm underground to make the door frame stable. This size will not cause too much trouble for pedestrians;

Step 3: when installing the door frame, the door frame should be fixed in front of the wall and the vertical angle should be maintained to ensure the stability of the door frame installation;

Step 4: Then erect the board. Pay attention to the straight angle when installing. The straight angle has strict requirements for the same angle, so it is best not to slice;

Step 5: Finally, determine each point. The fixed points on both sides of the door frame shall not be less than three, and shall not be greater than 800mm, to stabilize the wooden fire door

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