How to Stain Wood Doors

Date:May 30, 2019

Prepping the Door for Stain

1. Remove the door from the hinges. 

2. Remove the hardware.

3. Lay the door out flat on some sawhorses.

4. Sand the door thoroughly.

5. Select a door stain appropriate for the wood.

Staining the Door

1. Wear protective eyewear and gloves.

2. Apply a coat on stain.

3. Let the stain set for a recommended time and wipe off with a dry lint-free cloth.

4. Apply as many coats as necessary. 

Finishing the Door

1. Choose an appropriate urethane finish for the door.

2. Use a bristle or foam brush to apply finish. 

3. Sand off any bristles that appear after the first finish coat. 

4. Reattach all hardware. 

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