How to Seal a Door

Date:Jul 16, 2019

1. Determining Where You Need Weatherstripping

Tighten the hinges on your door. 

Check the state of the old weatherstripping.

Clean the areas that need to be sealed. 

Buy new weatherstripping at a home improvement or hardware store. 

2. Measuring the Door

Measure the top of the door frame. 

Measure the sides of the door. 

Measure the bottom. 

Mark those measurements on the weatherstripping.

Trim the weatherstripping down to size. 

3. Installing Weatherstripping

Tack in the top piece in place.

Tighten the fit of your side pieces.

Tack the side pieces in place.

Test the seal.
Drive the nails home. 

Determine the position of the door sweep.

Attach the door sweep. 

Test the seal once more.

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