How to Replace an Exterior Door

Date:May 31, 2019

Removing the Old Door
1.Hammer the hinge pins loose with a chisel.

2. Swing and lift the door to remove it. 

3. Slice through the trim caulking with a utility knife.

4. Pry off the old trim with a pry bar. 

5. Use a hand saw to remove the door frame. 

Fitting the Sill and Door

1. Level the door sill with shims. 

2. Secure the sill with deck screws.

3. Cover the sill with flashing tape.

4. Make sure the door is square. 

5. Set the door in the opening to check the fit.

6. Sand or saw the door to size. 

Installing the New Door

1. Caulk along the door opening.

2. Nail the frame in place. 

3. Add shims behind the door hinges.

4. Shim the other sides of the doorframe.

5. Screw the hinges in place. 

6. Nail the exterior trim in place.

7. Install a threshold in the doorway.

8. Fill the doorjamb with foam insulation.

9. Nail on the interior trim. 

10. Caulk around the trim.

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