How to paint the steel fire door?

Date:Oct 26, 2020

The steel fire door is the same as other products that need to be painted. The paint is attached to the surface of the steel plate by electrostatic spraying, thermal transfer and other methods on the steel plate of the steel fire door.

The steel fire door frame and door leaf should be clean during installation. After the opening is finished, the sprayed fire door should be painted twice with fire retardant paint. The plastic sprayed fire door should tear off the sticker on the frame and wipe it with clean water. Finally, glue a fireproof tape on the frame mouth. If it is a fire door, use paint that is not easy to ignite. The door must be polished and flat, and then painted. Baking is more expensive than spray painting. The process requirements are higher. The workmanship is different, one is mechanical and the other is manual.

Steel fire doors are moderately priced, but they are self-heavy, laborious to open, monotonous in style, and not beautiful enough. Therefore, they are mostly used in industrial buildings and general-grade civil buildings, or parts of buildings that have low aesthetic requirements and low traffic (such as computer rooms). , Garages, etc.); on the contrary, wooden fire doors have light weight, flexible opening and closing, good decorative appearance, and more patterns, but the price is higher, and they are mostly used in middle and high-end civil buildings or important occasions in construction.

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