How to Paint Doors

Date:Jul 17, 2019

1. Removing Your Door

Gather your door painting supplies. 

Use your hammer and a screwdriver to remove the hinge pins. 

Have a friend help remove the door.

Position the door in your work area. 

2. Sanding and Priming Your Door

Remove or tape around the edges of fixtures.

Sand the door lightly. 

Clean your door, if necessary.

Repeat sanding and cleaning on both sides. 

Prime your door.

Allow your primer to rest. 

Prime the reverse side of your door.

3. Painting the Top Side

Prepare to use your roller. 

Paint panels with your roller.

Use your roller to paint the crossbar.

Paint the border of your door.

Add finishing touches using your paintbrush. 

Allow the paint to dry.

4. Painting the Reverse Side, Second Coat, and Reinstalling

Paint the reverse side of your door. 

Apply a second layer of paint.

Allow the door to dry completely.

Lift the door back into its original position.

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