How to Install Smoke Seals

Date:May 27, 2019

1. Check the requirements for the door you're preparing to install the seal on.

2. Select the smoke seal for the door you're working on.

3. Open the package the smoke seal is in. 

4. Remove the mutes (door silencers) from your door jamb if it is equipped with them.

5. Clean the surfaces where the smoke seal will be attached.

6. Make a diagonal cut with the bulb edge of the smoke seal at the long end using a utility knife. 

7. Peel the protective tape off the smoke seal, beginning at the end where you've cut the angle in the previous step.

8. Begin at the top of the jamb on the strike side (the side where the lock is located), pressing the seal against the edge of the frame about 1/16 of an inch (1.58mm) from the door jamb.

9. Continue across the head of the jamb to the butt (hinge) side, being sure to press the seal tightly to the jamb material, and avoiding stretching it (pulling on it) as you go.

10. Cut the material with a utility knife when you've pressed it into the corner on the butt side.

11. Cut a complementary angle on the remaining smoke seal that will fit the angle you began with at the top of the strike side of the jamb.

12. side corner of the jamb. 

13. Press the smoke seal onto the stop, moving down the strike side of the door, making sure you keep it slightly off the doorstop so the bulb portion of the gasket has room to expand when it's compressed by the door when it's closed.

14. Cut this section of gasket as close to the threshold or floor at the bottom of the door when you have reached it.

15. Begin at the top of the door jamb on the butt side, cutting the smoke seal square and overlapping the head seal slightly.


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