How to Hang a Household Door

Date:Jul 14, 2019

1. Remove packaging and have a look on top edge of door for lock block.

2. Try your door into the standard. 

3. Measure.

4. Using a 20mm chisel, go round your mark with the bevel edge of chisel facing into check.

5. Try your hinge in check making sure it is sitting in flat, drill pilot holes and screw up, repeat operation with bottom hinge.

6. Measure down door frame the distance from top of door to bottom of top hinge, usually 225mm with a 75mm hinge, square across on standard and knock a 40mm brad in on your mark,measure in the width or your hinge and knock in another brad, this gives your hinge something to sit on, it also help if you knock one in width of bottom hinge to, put one screw in each hinge.

7. Take out brads and try door shut, it should shut fine apart from closing edge, you need to check out standard now, draw round hinges once again unscrew and repeat process checking out hinges.

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