How to determine the opening direction of steel fire doors?

Date:Sep 07, 2020

Steel fire doors are an important part of fire protection facilities. They are used to separate fire areas and meet the requirements of fire protection, fire resistance and heat insulation within the time specified by the state. They are used in fire compartments, evacuation stairwells, and vertical shafts. It can be seen from other locations.

 Steel fire doors are classified into Class A fire doors, Class B fire doors, and Class C fire doors according to their fire rating. According to the open state, it is divided into normally closed fire doors and normally open fire doors.

The opening direction of the steel fire door must be toward the evacuation direction (mostly outdoor direction). The fire door that opens in the evacuation direction during the fire escape is easy to push open. If it is opened in the opposite direction, it will cause inconvenience to escape. When there are more, it is easy to cause congestion, so generally push outwards hard to avoid wasting time.

In addition, the steel fire doors of walkways and stairwells used for evacuation shall have the function of self-closing. Double and multiple fire doors shall also have the function of closing in order.

Design code for fire protection of high-rise civil buildings:

The fire door should be a flat door that opens in the evacuation direction, and should be able to be opened manually from any side after being closed.

Architectural design code for fire protection:

The evacuation doors of civil buildings and factories should be opened in the evacuation direction. Except for Type A and Type B production rooms, when the number of people does not exceed 60 and the average number of people evacuated per door does not exceed 30, the opening direction of the door is not limited.

Usually: the steel fire door opens in the evacuation direction, stand outside the door, facing the hinge, the hinge is right to open right, and the hinge is left to open left.

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